Monday, September 26, 2011

Mightier than the Sword: Uncle Tom's Cabin and the Battle for America

In a fitting tribute to the two hundredth anniversary of Harriet Beecher Stowe's birth, Bancroft Prize-winning historian David S. Reynolds reveals her book's impact not only on the abolitionist movement and the American Civil War but also on worldwide events. [Description from the publisher]


The United States Government Manual 2011

This annual resource provides comprehensive information on the agencies of the legislative, judicial, and executive branches, as well as quasi-official agencies, international organizations in which the United States participates, boards, commissions, and committees.

REF JK421.A3


John Ashbery has gifted us with an exquisite, untainted translation of Rimbaud; a transmission as pure as a winged dove driven by snow. (Patti Smith)


Monday, September 19, 2011

Practical Research: Planning and Design 9th ed.

Practical Research is a comprehensive and practical guide to research methodology. Suited for self-instruction, this easy-to-read manual guides the beginning researcher, step by step, through the entire research process with practical suggestions. [Publisher Description]


Clinical Consult for Psychiatric Mental Health Care

This quick reference serves as an authoritative clinical guide to diagnostic treatment and monitoring recommendations for patients with mental disorders in the primary care setting.


Nutrition in Public Health, Third Edition

Nutrition in Public Health, Third Edition defines the state of public health nutrition and the services offered in the United States today.


The Grants Register 2012: The Complete Guide to Postgraduate Funding Worldwide

The most authoritative and comprehensive guide available to postgraduate and professional funding worldwide!


An Illustrated Guide to Infection Control

This all-encompassing volume assists nursing students and beginning-level RNs in developing a practical understanding of infection control issues as they relate to many different areas of health care. {Publisher Description]


Friday, September 16, 2011

Evidence-Based Teaching In Nursing

Designed to assist aspiring, novice, and experienced faculty members in obtaining a strong foundation for Evidence-Based Teaching (EBT), Evidence-Based Teaching in Nursing: A Foundation for Educators explores past, present, and future aspects for teaching nursing in a variety of settings. This text promotes and demonstrates practical approaches for classroom, clinical, and simulation learning experiences while incorporating technology, generational considerations, and evidence. What's more, it addresses the academic environment while considering a wide array of teaching and learning aspects. [Publisher Description]

Critical Care: A New Nurse Faces Death, Life, and Everything in Between

Critical Care takes us with Brown as she struggles to tend to her patients' needs, both physical (the rigors of chemotherapy) and emotional (their late-night fears). Along the way, we see the work nurses do to fight for their patients' dignity, in spite of punishing treatments and an often uncaring hospital bureaucracy. We also see how a twelve-hour day of caring for the seriously ill gives Brown herself a deeper appreciation of what it means to be alive. Ultimately, this is a book about embracing life, whether in times of sickness or health.

Davis's Basic Math Review for Nurses: with Step-by-Step Solutions

A path to conquering the math skills essential for nursing success...and reducing the anxieties math often induces! Step by step, skill by skill...students progress from simple to complex calculations, building their proficiencies and testing it along the way. It perfect for course review and quick reference. [Publisher Description]