Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Elementary Teacher's Discipline Problem Solver: A Practical A-Z Guide for Managing Classroom Behavior Problems

Elementary Teacher’s Discipline Problem Solver is a ready-to-use resource filled with practical, concrete, and teacher-tested strategies that will help you maintain order in your classroom while preserving your students' dignity. Each of the book's proven techniques has been designed with the goal of helping you maximize your teaching time and minimize the time you spend disciplining. The strategies included here may be used on an as-needed basis for occasional discipline problems or in a more formal Response-to-Intervention (RTI) framework.

Elementary Teacher's Discipline Problem Solver gives you the information and the down-to-earth strategies you need to handle 63 wide-ranging classroom problems including:

Aggressive Behavior * Angry Outbursts * Attention Deficit * Backtalk * Bathroom Problems * Bullying * Calling Out * Cheating * Complaining * Crying Frequently * Disorganization * Disruptive Behavior * Homework Problems * Hyperactivity * Lack of Motivation * Low Self-esteem * Lunchroom Problems * Masturbation * Perfectionism * Playground Problems * Rude Behavior * Seatwork Problems * Shyness * Spitting * Talking Excessively * Teasing * Vandalism * Whining . . . and many more. [Description provided by the publisher]


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