Thursday, January 15, 2009

Domestic Violence: The Criminal Justice Response

The new Third Edition of Domestic Violence: The Criminal Justice Response offers a thorough and major revision of one of the top books in the field of domestic violence and is the only text to focus on criminal justice responses which provide a detailed look inside the criminal justice system. Domestic Violence is unique in its emphasis on the victim's perspective, including the victim's needs as well as preferences for and satisfaction with intervention. It documents the diversity of victims and how this diversity affects their service needs and the impact of interventions, including unanticipated consequences of current aggressive efforts. It also looks at diversity among batterers and how these differences affect the success of various intervention strategies.

The Third Edition includes a wealth of new empirical research on how the criminal justice system's responses to domestic violence have changed in the last several years. As prominent authorities in the field, the authors offer a balanced view and critical analysis of the current and potential impact of these changes as well as of the new data and findings. In accordance with the sweeping changes undertaken by the criminal justice system, the text includes significant expansion of coverage on efforts made by prosecutors' offices and courts as well as strategies to protect victims through victim advocacy and other services.

For the last decade, Domestic Violence: The Criminal Justice Response has been a key reference for law schools, police departments, legal practitioners, and policymakers as well as students and researchers in the fields of Criminal Justice, Criminology, Women's Studies, Family Law, Sociology, Psychology, and Social Work/Counseling. This volume is an essential addition to curriculum, libraries, and reference resources serving this important area of both study and practice. [Description provided by the publisher]


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