Monday, May 11, 2009

Immigration (American Experience)

Product Description
The United States has often been referred to as a "nation of immigrants" - at some point in almost everyone's ancestry, someone journeyed to the land that is now the United States. Upon arrival, immigrants encountered people from different cultures, who often maintained different religious, social, and political beliefs, and who often perceived the newcomers as potential rivals for jobs and opportunities. "Immigration", now a volume in the "American Experience" series, examines the history of immigrants in the United States, updating their stories to the present. Coverage has now been extended to the years after the closing of Ellis Island, focusing on such contemporary issues as the experiences of illegal immigrants and the transformation of immigration law since September 11, 2001. This comprehensive volume presents the voices of immigrants as well as data on immigration to this country.Each chapter in "Immigration" begins with a detailed narrative section that chronicles the experiences of those who traveled to the United States as well as the reactions of religious and political leaders, social workers, and more. A chronology of events highlights important dates in the history of immigration. Eyewitness testimonies include passages from Thomas Jefferson, Jacob Riis, and Anna Quindlen, as well as hundreds of accounts from immigrants, social workers, politicians, and many others. Appendixes provide concise biographies of more than 100 important individuals, such as Benjamin Franklin, Jane Addams, and Cesar Chavez; as well as primary source documents, either full text or excerpts; a glossary; maps; graphs and tables; a through bibliography; and an index. "Immigration" is enhanced throughout by more than 110 black-and-white images, portraying immigration and immigrants in this country. [Description provided by the publisher]

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