Thursday, November 19, 2009

Discovering Research Methods in Psychology: A Student's Guide

Book overview

Discovering Research Methods in Psychology: A Student's Guide presents an accessible introduction to the research methodology techniques that underpin the field of psychology
  • Offers a unique narrative approach to introducing the complexities of psychological research methods to first year students
  • Introduces the reader to the three main types of research methods used in psychology – observation, experimentation and survey methods
  • Provides clear summaries of 21st-century published studies that reflect diversity and best illustrate issues in research methodology
  • Includes an emphasis on topics of most interest to students, from those with a personal perspective such as romantic relationships, prejudice and career decisions, to clinical topics including eating disorders, heavy drinking and paranoia
  • Features a comprehensive glossary of all research terminology used in the narrative

No preview available - 2009 - 344 pages


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