Friday, September 07, 2007

Critical Companion to Chaucer: A Literary Reference to His Life And Work

Celebrated as the father of English poetry, Geoffrey Chaucer has influenced writers and delighted readers throughout the ages. Best known as the author of The Canterbury Tales, Chaucer brings to life the England of his day, in verse replete with humanity, grace, and strength. Critical Companion to Chaucer explores Chaucer's many works, with their unique blend of humor, vibrancy, and eloquence.
This comprehensive, single-volume reference contains hundreds of entries, including: an in-depth biography of Chaucer; synopses and critical assessments of Chaucer's major and minor works, as well as portraits of his characters; details on Chaucer's use of Middle English and his biblical and mythological references; information about historical figures of the time, such as John of Gaunt, and historical events, such as the Black Death; analyses of the culture, times, and places in which Chaucer lived and wrote; and useful and thorough appendices, including a bibliography, a chronology of Chaucer's life, a map of the Canterbury highway, and extensive resources for further reading. (The information in this post is taken directly from Blackwell Publishing,

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