Saturday, September 15, 2007

Introduction to Pagan Studies

Pagan studies is maturing and moving beyond the context of new religious movements to situate itself within the study of world religions. Introduction to pagan studies is the first and only text designed to introduce the study of contemporary paganism as a world religion. It examines the intellectual, religious, and social spheres of paganism through common categories in the study of religion, which include beliefs, practices, theology, ritual, history, and the role of texts and scriptures. The book is accessible to readers of all backgrounds and religions and assumes no prior knowledge of paganism.

This text will also serve as a general introduction to pagan studies for nonspecialist scholars of religion. It will be of interest to academics and related disciplines of anthropology, sociology, and cultural studies as well as students taking courses in religious studies, pagan studies, nature religion, new religious movements, and religion in America. This book will also be useful to nonacademic practitioners of paganism interested in current scholarship.


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